We are supplying our local community with fresh produce. Seneca Falls, New York and the Fingerlakes region is great for a super variety of fruits and vegetables. Now our community can take advantage once again of our seasons and its natural heirlooms.


Our Beginning

Riegel Family Farms started growing fruits and vegetables 7 years ago, but the Riegel family goes far back in history in this area. The first farm was horse boarding, sales and homesteading, then a crop and dairy farm. Although in the late 70s times got hard and the dairy was sold, the best land for growing was kept. This is where we grow the produce today, in the great Honeoye silty loam soil.


“With a little time and a small seed put into the ground, a little smile and a small root will take.”

— andy, a farmer


Andy made a half acre, tomato, pepper, squash farm into a diverse market farm harvesting produce 10 out of 12 months a year. The Riegel family operates a market garden, a C.S.A. (Community Supported Agriculture) program and sells to and supplies restaurants in the area, like Kindred Fare in Geneva. Now, with a great opportunity to support the community even more, the New York Chiropractic College is joining the family and will have a part of the farm on the campus, as well as a C.S.A. pickup at the building just south of campus (where the old driving range was). To show how much we appreciate the opportunity we are planning to grow a free u-pick flower patch and small pumpkin patch for the community. The college wanted to further their nutritional ideals and we couldn't be happier they chose Riegel Family Farms.

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Our Mission

The Community has a lot to benefit from a local farm. Knowing your farmer affords you the knowledge of where your food comes from, how it is grown, and thus, your part in decreasing your environmental impact. Being a barer of knowledge and responsibility and taking part in your community are all valuable advantages of supporting local farms.

We also have great growing opportunities in the Fingerlakes that can extend beyond just grapes and apples. Our neighbors were leaders of growing potatoes, peas, navy beans, cabbage and even peppermint, but today we have lost a lot of that diversity. Our fathers and their fathers, no matter how many generations you can trace back in our community, grew and tried to experiment with growing any and all they could to live and support their community. Our farm sets up our community to take root again.






With market farming we have lots of variables that can make or break us, and have found our strength is in our diversity. The home farm in put on 14 acres and grows over seventy varieties of produce for 10 months out of the year, not bad for our New York winters!

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taken on the farm in 2013

taken on the farm in 2013


Get Involved

Join The C.S.A.! Visit us at our new location at the college this spring. Volunteer your time on the farm. Stop by the Seneca Falls or Geneva Farmers market. or grab a meal at Kindred Fare in Geneva.

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