The FIRST planting and ground breaking at The Veggie-Table

Hello All,

The old golf course is real funny ground to work, every soil sample I send in seems to get a different result by mere feet away. I think this is due to the old operators trucking in so much soil. But, with dirty fingernails we are beds prepped and ready to plant, and today is the day. After a nice night rain our transplants of Onions, Strawberries, Kale, and some flowers should not take to much of a shock.

We are going no-till, so almost 75 yards or 60 tons of compost has been brought in to the college and my home based farm for our plantings. If anyone has noticed we have tarped the ground for months to kill the weeds and are soon ready to make more raised beds.

Our store is really coming together too. Farmers can be a hard bunch to track down and talk to be we have gotten together with a few of the local areas best, and will be supplied with cheeses, honey, breads, milk, eggs, meats, and coffee, to go along with what the farm will provide…

MORE to come soon, and see you all May 18th, for the opening day event, where we will have farmer displays, farming and cooking demonstrations, seeds and plant sale, and local breweries and wineries sampling.

Warm Wishes!