We started with a shovel, scythe, a watering can, and a bag of peas and potatoes.



3860 Ridge Road.


May, 2013


Andy Riegel, Candace Riegel, Duane Riegel


The ground works.―

Take in all the soil, the plants that bring food, and the plants that sneak in between. Th rainy days, and the droughts. The long summer days, and the ones that if you blink you miss in the winter.

Our Farm is a wild ride. Some plants seem to voluntarily grow and others are as stubborn and difficult as a mean mule. We have grown through it all, and although we still have a failed crop here or there we make a 100 member C.S.A. enjoy the harvest, supply the area restaurants and local farmers markets because at its core the fingerlakes is a great place to grow.


What we’ve accomplished:



Going from and 4 or 5 crop to a diverse 30-35 crop farm, with 75 different varieties.



From selling just at Auction. To a three market, restaurant supplier and 100 member C.S.A.



Most importantly! We grow sustainable and regenerative, with lots of organic practices, super minimal till, and do it all for our community!